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Payment Black Box Car Finance

Not only does getmecarfinance lend our own money!!! and are not reliant on other companyís decisions or criteriaís, but we have come up with a unique way of securing our money against your car. Using the Car Finance Payment Box GMCF this is truly pay as you go car for used cars to secure cars based on a payment box. So if you are looking for Pay as You Go Car Finance, then you have landed in the right place.

black box car finance

The Little Black Box
This black box car finance device lowers default rates for subprime car loan borrowers that typically run about 30% to about 5%. Lenders feel more secure offering finance on cars to high-risk customers. By helping customers to pay on time, the device also rebuilds their credit record.

Finance Fitted to Your Needs
Here at getmecarfinance every car we finance is fitted with the payment black box. We programme the device based around your preferred payment date. This is then sent to the dealer who is supplying the car to fit, usually under the dashboard in a discrete place (we cover this cost). When your payment is due the box will begin to flash 3 days before, to remind you that your payment is due. When the due date arrives and your payment hits out bank, you will be issued a 6 digit code to enter into the box. Once this code is entered it will flash green and activate the car again until the next monthís payment date, when again it will start to flash 3 days before the payment is due. At the end of the agreement when you have made all the payments the box is removed and you own the car.


What happens if I donít pay?
Itís quite simple!!! If you donít pay you donít get the code and the car will not start. The only way to get the car started is to call us and make the payment, the  code will be issued ASAP.  However if you are struggling to make your payments on time , you will be a given a 30 day grace period to settle any outstanding payments.

What happens if one of my payment dates lands on a weekend?
As your payment box would flash 3 days before as a reminder to you, it would be up to you to force the payment through with the bank on the Friday.
Will the car cut out on the due date?
No the car will still be active upto 30 days after your due payment date, so you will have some grace to complete your payment

Will the car cut out while Iím driving?
No not at all, that would be highly dangerous. Once your car is switched off and you are passed your due date, you would not be able to start it.
How do you know the dealer has fitted it correctly?
Thatís easy we run a series of tests to ensure the box has been fitted in the correct way.
Who takes it out once the contract finishes?
We arrange to get it taken out. Alternatively you can purchase the box at a reduced rate so it can be used as a permanent immobiliser.

We no longer need them
the good news is that we no longer need to install a Payment Box for car finance customers. :-)



Since writing this article we have found out that the FCA may have relaxed some of the rules and their take on black box car finance and some companies in the UK have started to use these to allow customers with poor credit a better way into the car finance market. Where previously they may have been denied car finance, the black box car finance packages allow for more clients to get credit. 

The Black box car finance device is a payment reminder device which advises the clients their payment is due they are nOT visible.

All systems are fitted by the finance company by qualified engineers and are 100% removed when the car finance agreement is paid in full.


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