Bad Credit Car Leasing

leasing .asp">Bad Credit Car Leasing is a product which is becoming more and more of an option for customers who have been flatly refused for HP car finance and PCP car finance. For some companies the fact people have had a small or large credit blip in some circumstances makes getting car finance harder and harder, and the lower your credit score goes the more and more you will pay in interest, until that point where they are flatly refused for any kind of credit, even the credit packages which come with high interest rates too.

Where to Go Next

We know from our experience that being refused car finance is a harrowing ordeal, especially when you may be earning a good wage, its terrible when you find out nobody will lend you any money for a car. You have now only a few options open to you, 1) Earn the Cash and Buy a Car Outright or 2) lease a car with a company who offers leasing for poor credit.

Why Would They Lease to Me
It is a great question, why would they lease to me if I have been refused for finance? The answer is risk, with a poor credit lease the risk element is far lower, and because you will pay an initial payment and if you fail to pay the car comes back in, then the risk to you getting in debt is minimised to a single payment. With normal Hire Purchase you could get yourself into trouble if you dont make your payments as you may lose your car and have to pay for finance and legal fees, using a bad car leasing method takes that risk away and makes the product more desirable for people who simply want a car with no fuss.

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