Loans for Poor Credit No Guarantor Clients

One of the most embarassing things about applying for credit is being declined, that feeling of What, Why and How have i been declined goes through your head, wondering if it was because i missed a payment on my gas, or mortgage?

Really there are lots and lots of people in the UK who miss payments, its not the main reason why they declined for finance thoiugh, multiple missed payments on credit agreeements and court appearances are probably the most common forms of declined applications. Bankruptcy also is an instaDecline in most cases.

So imagine being declined and then being told you need a guarantor, being declined is hard enough without having the shameful experience of going to bank of dad or mum to reachout and ask them to help being a guarantor because you have poor credit.

Guarantors however can be useful, they actually help you get a loan and also help you build your credit back up, so in a couple of years you should be hot to trot. 

Get Me Finance can help clients who are looking for car loans and have poor credit but dont want a guarantor on their file. Apply today and find out what options are available to you in this field, we can help so try us out.

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