Bad Credit Car Finance - Pay and Drive

You would be surprised how many people in the UK are refused car finance, with all the disruption thats been happening with the banks and mortgages over the past ten years people with debt, and people who have struggled with debt have suffered badly.

So getting a car when you have bad credit is gonna be difficult, most brokers and lenders wont admit that a huge amount of their applicants get rejected for car loans and car finance. They are not going to tell you that you are going to be refused car finance because you could be a golden egg. You might just be the 1/50 customers who thinks they have poor credit, but actually doesnt. And you yourself might be sat their thinking you have bad credit, you may have been refused a loan or a credit card, but you may get accepted.

And thats why these brokers are fighting for your business, NOT because they can get everybody into a car, simply put they cant do that, but there are some of you who they can, and thats why you see all the adverts asking you to apply.

Get Me Car Finance is changing, its moving into car leasing for mid-poor credit customers. The reason is because lots of the poor credit car customers fail to pay, not because they want to , but really their situations which gave them a poor credit in the first place raise their heads. 

We want to change that, Pay and Drive is an old concept with a new label. Simply put, you pay for the car you drive the car, you dont pay for the car, you dont drive the car. This method will enable us to put more people in cars. And thats what this is all about.



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