Refused Car Lease


I was just recently declined for a car lease which was to my surprise, the finance lender in question I was told used Experian to judge whether to accept me or not so I had a look at my score and it was in the fair catergory with 844. 40 odd shy of good which is what the finance company would have wanted.


Being refused anything these days is very frustrating and being refused car lease products can be confusing and worrying for some customers, New Cars especially you will be required to be a prime credit customer to get any sort of car leasing finance from a main dealer.

However there are alternatives, you will be sent down the "USED CAR" route because you can finance a used car with the now it seams traditional brokers who deal with Poor, Medium and Good credit customers in the thousands. However who is addressing the "NEW CAR" leasing and finance customers?  Well if you do some digging you will find there are a couple of companies who can help you in your task. These companies offer discount new cars, therefore if your credit is mid range (been refused from main dealer) you may get finance with these guys and also pay a similar on the road monthly price as if you were buying from the main dealers. The reason being is that the Discount element covers the cost of the Bad Credit APR. 


Is you would like more information about this, please contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.

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