How to Get Car Finance when You Have Bad Credit?

Well as you probably guessed this is one of the main question a company like get me car finance regularly get asked. The answer is definitely not to apply 10 times around the internet to find one company who will accept you.

You may not realise this now, but most Car Finance companies use the same lender networks to place clients and get them car finance. Soooooooo you wont be surprised to learn that when you apply ten times around the car finance world, most lenders have already heard of you and probably declined you for the same reason everytime. And in fact if your credit file didnt have soft search, then you are actually decreasing your chances of being accepted.



Well firstly, and we are do get tired of saying the same old things, you need to perform some if not all of the following.


using companies like EXPERIAN to check your credit record will help you tremendously, you can actually see the reasons WHY you maybe rejected for car finance. BEFORE YOU APPLY



Check if you are on the Electoral Role and register if not, finance companies use this to ensure you are not a fraud.



If you use bank of mummy and daddy forever you will never build up your own credit record score, so using companies like Amigo to get guarantor loans actually helps you in the long run.



Sounds daft but actually getting a credit card and using it and PAYING it back on time helps your credit record 


After all this, you will help your credit score and you will be on the road to getting car finance from companies like Get Me Car Finance.  If you cant afford the repayments then  you should be askign yourself "should i get  a car" , lots of people start with car finance knowing they really shouldnt.



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